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Edmonton Warehouse

  • 100,000 square feet of indoor warehouse space and outdoor storage
  • Our Edmonton warehouse can handle pallets over 8 feet long and over 5000lbs.
  • We offer pallet and pick and pack services/storage
  • Cross Docking services
  • Ground and dock level for unloading/loading products
  • General goods are stored in racking, bulk floor space, or pick and pack shelving.

Tim Parker – Warehouse Supervisor

Compass Distribution

(CSS) SMARTT Shipping Solutions has really cut the hassle out of our freight shipping. With the new streamlined (CSS) SMARTT Shipping Software, getting quotes and having trucks dispatched is easier than ever. His expertise, patience and excellent service during the transition period were invaluable. It has really opened up options to coordinate our shipping needs with ease and affordability.

Kyle Arcand – Warehouse

Bruin Instruments Corp.

Using (CSS) SMARTT Shipping for orders in Canada and to/from the USA is the fastest, easiest method I’ve ever used. My shipping tasks have been reduced to mere seconds giving me time to get other work done. Way productive!

Dawn Kuntz – Administration Assistant

Evolution Presentation Technologies

We use (CSS) SMARTT Shipping Online for all our truck shipments. They almost always have the best price and it’s so fast and convenient – there’s nothing else like it!

Jessey – Shipper

Canpro Decorating Products

I enjoy using the (CSS) SMART Shipping Software; it’s easy to use and saves our company time and money by quickly providing us with the cheapest and most efficient courier for our shipping needs. I can also rest assured that Richard Highet and the Complete Shipping Solutions team will check each shipment for discrepancies and will work hard to process shipments late in the day.

Laura Gilbert – Inventory Control Manager

REfficient Inc.

We consider the “Freightmeister” to be one of our team. He is quick and cheerful to respond, fights for the best price, and keeps everything in “ship” shape from pick-up to delivery!

Karin Sonnak – Customer Service

OSMO Wood & Colour Canada

Online shipping with (CSS) SMARTT is so fast, easy and convenient, I can’t imagine doing shipping the old way anymore. We use (CSS) SMARTT Shipping Online for all our shipments, boxes and pallets. They almost always have the best price and it’s so fast and convenient. Whenever I had questions or problems – the customer service answers always very fast and resolves all of my problems. Using (CSS) SMARTT Shipping for orders in Canada and to the USA is the fastest, easiest method I’ve ever used. It shows the best carrier options in a couple of seconds – to keep prices at low for our customers.

Steve McBride – Manager

Quincie Oilfield Products

We use (CSS) SMARTT Shipping for all our incoming shipments. Pricing is fantastic and the website is easy to use.

Glenn Grant – Shipper

Can Alta Bindery

(CSS) SMARTT Shipping was super easy to learn and is super fast for shipping both our truck shipments and courier shipments. Great rates too!

Christian Schlamp – Warehouse / Customer Service

Parts 4 Automatic Transmissions Inc.

We started shipping (CSS) SMARTT and found the rates to be awesome, the service to be fantastic and it’s so easy!

Sandy Kaufman – Chief Operating Officer

EasyRock Canada

Richard, you & your (CSS) SMARTT Shipping application should be receiving all the accolades you deserve. The app has saved us valuable time and increased efficiency. And our customers really like the notifications emails. You have added another level of professionalism to our business. Thank you – you are absolutely amazing, just like your shipping program.

Greg – Head Shipper

Days Paint

I find the (CSS) SMARTT Shipping system much easier to use than the old ways. I find it time efficient. Makes my job much easier.

Amanda Schofield – Managing Director

Clean Conscience Canada

Utilizing SMARTT Shipping for all our incoming and outgoing freight options has been one of the best moves we made for our business. The rates are some of the best we’ve seen, the customer service is always nothing less than superb, and now with the launch of the (CSS) SMARTT Shipping Software, we can have instant quotes from multiple freight carriers with the click of a button, confirm and print the BOL all in less than 1 minute! The software is so easy to use, and incredibly convenient having all our suppliers and customers stored in the system on simple drop down menus with automated shipment notifications sent to their email. With the ability to have a quote and arrange a shipment in less than a minute, the (CSS} SMARTT Shipping Software has saved us an abundance of time and energy, allowing us to move more product and improve our bottom line. We recommend (CSS) SMARTT Shipping to all our business associates!

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