Working with many companies, you begin to see the common threads in successful companies. You see some opportunities for companies to take it to the next level in small to medium-sized businesses.

Many of them are family-owned/operated and have a strong presence in the marketplace – however, they haven’t maximized their potential because they want control over every business aspect. The inability to outsource areas they are not strong in actually causes them to lose control of the maximum potential and profit. They are experts in what they sell/manufacture but most often are not strong in logistics and warehousing, nor do they have the volumes available to demand strong pricing from the transportation industry.

These companies also do not have a personal connection with the carriers either. Working together with a company like Complete Shipping Solutions will bring that personal touch and give our clients access to the benefit of our buying power and shared resources.

Complete Shipping Solution worked with a company that had 4000 sq. ft. of office. They were family-owned and operated, and the owners of the company had a meticulously run company.

The owners were hands-on and not only did the sales but the picking and shipping as well. They wanted to grow but had reached a plateau and were discussing between them what their options are. You can hire more staff, but that’s a lot more overhead and affects the bottom-line. Through a series of events, we connected with them. We met with the owners, went over their goals and objectives. We took the time with our team to put together a plan to take over all of the warehousing, distribution and logistics while they focused on sales and increasing their market share. To achieve this, they subleased their 4,000 sq. ft. facility. We brought their 300 plus SKUs of product to our facility. Through an effective logistics and distribution structure, it reduced its inventory footprint to 1300 sq. ft. With our warehouse technology, they have full inventory visibility, know precisely where everything is, and have all of their shipping needs look after. Our team, technology, and knowledge provided further saving on their logistics. Besides, we were able to increase the time for which their customers would come in to pick up their products – allowing more flexibility for their business to be ‘open’ longer. They are now continually growing and expanding, and by giving up some control, they gained full control. The results were added profit to their bottom-line and allow them to keep expanding in the market place they serve every month.