There is a preconceived idea that 3PLs (3rd Party Logistic companies) require more money and that we cost the consumers when, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. This belief pattern is the biggest misconception out there that needs to change, not only with the customers but also with the carriers.

Trustworthy authentic Logistic Companies – like Complete Shipping Solutions help companies turn their freight from a liability to an asset. Complete Shipping Solutions provides customers with full visibility to their freight through technology no matter what shipping method.  With our system, you can make the best choice in providing transportation services to customers. The selection is based on service requirements and cost, thus allowing the best service without eroding one profit margin.  Our team and technology unify the shipping department, purchasing department, sales department, payables department and senior executives. This unified system allows all to see what is occurring in shipping as a whole or with one individual shipment, reducing many soft costs and miscommunications, which result in the leaking of profit from the bottom line. 

As mentioned, working with a logistics company saves money in soft costs, such as duplicate processes, tracing and tracking calls, processing multiple checks and auditing invoices from various carriers.  Further savings can occur on your freight because your volume is added to our volume. Your buying power has now grown exponentially. We do millions plus your volume  – so together, we do millions plus.  Freight cost is the most significant erosion of your EBIT line, and at times, the most overlooked part of a company’s business. Still, it can be one of your most significant assets.  To some companies, shipping freight is not a strong point, so they hire people to manage freight not always having the freight industries’ knowledge. Shipments are processed out of ease or relational connections and not out of specific intent or with purpose.  Complete Shipping Solutions provides the experience, team, and technology and streamlines the process, allowing companies to have systematic methods to create savings in internal and external freight costs.

Complete Shipping Solutions is experienced not only in logistics but also in warehousing.  Our warehouse technology brings visibility to your inventory, no matter where you are in the world.  Product placed in our warehouse allows a company to use a shared platform, which provides savings in overhead as it is a pay per use base that is scalable with growth or reduction of the product depending on your requirements.    We minimize the time wasted through logistical errors such as overstocks, inventory mishandling and non-competitive carrier rates. Working with Complete Shipping Solutions as your trusted logistics partner will accelerate your growth and turn your freight into an asset and not a liability.