Complete Shipping Solutions specializes in ecommerce order fulfillment. We take care of the entire order management process, starting with the placement of an online order, to piece or case pick-and-pack, double order verification, and order finalization. Our fulfillment solutions enable us to process orders efficiently and accurately to meet strict guidelines, allowing our clients to minimize inventory write-offs and overstocks and increase efficiencies in their supply chain.

CSS and third-party fulfillment

When you outsource your fulfillment logistics to Complete Shipping Solutions as your 3PL partner, we’ll automate time-consuming tasks for you that will in turn, free up your time to focus on your business. We have inbound / outbound and transportation logistics experts on hand at your fingertips. CSS will control all day to day movements of your stock, complete with cycle counts and full physical inventory as often as requested.

Order fulfillment process at CSS

Our team of experts will work with you to provide a strategy that suits your business needs. Ecommerce order fulfillment is a multistep step process that involves connecting your store through our integration software and storing your products in our fulfillment warehouse. This 3PL fulfillment center is currently located in Alberta’s hub city, Edmonton.

Step 1 Receiving

Incoming inventory and online orders are received and managed by our team through our warehouse software. Once we receive your inventory, we can fulfill your orders.

Step 3 Shipping

We have created and developed our own custom shipping software called CSS SMARTT Shipping that we utilize and provide to all our customers. Complete Shipping Solutions has a robust order fulfillment software integration system and partnerships with all the main freight partners and couriers, which allows us to provide volume discount savings to our customers.

Step 2 Pick and Pack

Order picking is done using handheld scanners. All orders are double checked by two independent people for accuracy and are scanned throughout the entire picking process. We utilize all provided UPC codes and can apply them to items that do not come with UPC codes.

CSS will create a SOW (scope of work) to handle your specific packing requirements. Orders will be packed safely and securely for transit. We offer kitting and assembly services and can provide all packing supplies needed or warehouse your own custom packaging for outbound orders.

Step 4 Tracking

Once your shipment leaves our facilities, we will notify you with your tracking numbers and shipment details. Our logistics team is also on hand to help with any tracking related inquiries, including reverse logistics. We take care of everything for you.

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