What is Fulfillment in E-commerce?

E-commerce order fulfilment consists of storing inventory, then subsequently packing and shipping products to your customers at the time of purchase. Complete Shipping Solutions streamlines this entire process, so you can move your product with ease and run your business more efficiently. By offering all types of shipping including less than truckload, full truckload, courier services, home deliverers, etc., we are  able to provide your e-commerce business with the logistics services and solutions it needs to be most successful.

E-commerce Fulfillment System Integration

We provide integrations to virtually all e-commerce platform systems for order management, allowing us to receive your orders automatically and communicate inventory levels seamlessly. Our integrations with e-commerce platforms allow order flows to download automatically from your system into our warehouse inventory management system where we are then able to pick, pack and process the shipping of your product. Once completed, our system will communicate back to your e-commerce platform the tracking number while closing the order. From here the completed shipment information will be communicated to your customer, giving them shipping tracking on their e-commerce purchase.

Complete Shipping Solutions offers both international and domestic shipping so you can meet the needs of any potential customer and allow people to access your products across the globe. Complete Shipping Solutions’ technology-based advantages and customer first attitude separates us as leaders in e-commerce logistics across Canada.

Find out more about our CSS SMARTT Shipping software and choose Complete Shipping Solutions to be your e-commerce logistics partner today!

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