Our shipping and freight management systems feature an all-in-one, creative solution for getting things from A to B. We are helping companies smooth the movement of their shipments at the absolute best available price since 1999. As one of the leading third party logistics shipping companies in Canada, we understand smooth movement of shipping and freight in Canada more than anyone else in the business.

CSS SMARTT Shipping Technology

CSS SMARTT Shipping is a FREE shipping solution that provides instant, real-time, best available freight quotes from multiple LTL and small package carriers, prints shipping documents and electronically dispatches trucks for pick up, on Inbound, Outbound and 3rd Party shipments.

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Same Day Shipping

Same day, in-town shipping with complete transparency and visibility. Fast and reliable – we are driven to deliver well on your same day, in-town shipping needs. As a full service logistics management company, we provide full-service trucking, industry leading on-time performance, upfront pricing, flexible vehicle sizes for any need and more!

LTL, FTL Freight (Less-than Container Load)

Our freight consolidation expertise and worldwide connections provide you with reliable performance at a competitive price. Large LTL shipments can be routed through standard LTL carriers. Because this type of freight is attractive to LTL carriers we attempt to negotiate a flat rate for the shipment. This offers savings over the normal LTL charge. We also explore giving the freight to a full load carrier where you only pay for the space your shipment takes up. For shipments that fill the trailer we have access to over 1000 carriers who are properly licenced and fully insured to handle your freight. We offer service to all points in Canada and the United States.

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Intermodal Transportation

As one of the leading third party logistics shipping companies in Canada, we understand smooth movement of shipping and freight in Canada more than anyone else in the business. Maximize efficiencies by shipping through a combination of truckload & railway transport. Our team specializes in Intermodal capacity.

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U.S. & International Shipping

Are you a business owner searching for the best shipping and Freight Company in Canada for shipping to Canada from the U.S.? If yes, then Complete Shipping Solutions is here to help. As one of the leading and most trusted freight and logistics shipping Broker Companies in Canada, we will provide you the best freight and shipping cost while shipping to Canada from the USA. We will not only help you with the best price on your freight but we will also help you in auditing your past freight bills. We have helped companies recover tens of thousands of dollars in refunded overcharges.

Freight Couriers & Carriers

We have partnerships with many courier companies, which enables us to move small package shipments around the world at incredible rates significantly less than going direct!

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Shipping Quotes

We’ll provide you with ALL the best carriers with their BEST RATES and service options. That puts you in the driver’s seat by allowing you to choose which carrier best meets your needs. Complete Shipping Solutions is one of the most reliable shipping Companies in Canada for LTL freight services. We help small, medium and large companies get the best freight quote for the movement of their shipments. Just leave all your shipping related headaches to us for hassle free shipping operations. When you decide to work with us, you’re immediately leveraging Complete Shipping Solutions’s 7,000 shipments per month and millions of dollars per year of purchasing power.

This means you’ll be getting the absolute best freight rates available in the entire industry. The “Big Boys” competitors won’t have anything over you any longer. It is super-simple but if you have any questions during any part of the process, you can contact us for a free consultation. You can leverage our years of shipping experience and purchasing power to experience and purchasing power to solution for your business.

Begin by completing the quote form. It is fast, easy and it could end up saving your business thousands in unnecessary shipping costs.

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Shipping Documents and Forms

Find helpful shipping documents and forms you need when having your good shipped.  From account applications to Canada Customs Export Declarations and NAFTA Certificates, we’ve provided quick and easy access.

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