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  • Review rates from multiple carriers
  • Complete a Bill of Lading
  • Print labels and documents
  • Dispatch the truck for pickup
  • Send a notification to your customer

Whether it’s LTL freight shipping, small package courier shipping, or FTL shipping, CSS SMARTT Shipping offers you convenience, empowers you with choice, and passes on significant cost and time savings.

Access discounted rates from the most trusted carriers in the industry, automate your entire shipping process and have the flexibility to choose the carrier that best suits your needs.

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CSS SMARTT Shipping is the online shipping technology that’s similar in concept to – but is for Canadian businesses shipping commercial goods.

CSS SMARTT Shipping INSTANTLY provides real-time, best available freight quotes from multiple LTL trucking companies and small package carriers that print plain paper Bills of Lading and shipping labels, that electronically dispatches trucks for pick up and automatically emails shipment notifications to your customers. It’s dead simple to use – you just select the carrier and service level that best meets your needs.

It works for Inbound from your suppliers, and Outbound to your customers, within Canada, and to/from the USA. There’s no software to download or install and CSS SMARTT Shipping doesn’t cost anything … it’s FREE.  Your only cost is the jaw-dropping freight rates offered on every shipment which are reflective of our $28 + Million per year of transportation purchasing power.

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Ship Small Packages for Less

  • Ship your packages through Loomis, Purolator, Canada Post, FedEx and UPS for less.
  • Leverage our volume discounts for packages weighing from 1 lb. up to 150 lbs.

Less-Than-Truck Load Deals

  • Unbeatable rates on LTL shipping throughout Canada and to/from U.S.
  • Use our web-based platform for instant freight savings.


Complete a shipment in 29 seconds

No phone calls to arrange pickup

Instant access to multiple quotes

Lightning fast document printing


Inbound shipping cost control

Easy-to-manage schedules

Organize warehousing operations

Make and keep commitments to customers


Custom reporting on metrics that matter most to you

Manage shipping costs more effectively

Make adjustments to to the process for efficiency


INSTANT best available freight rates from multiple Small Package and LTL carriers on over 30,000 Canadian truck routes (no wasted time calling around trying to find the best rate)

Lightning-fast preparation and printing of plain paper Bills of Lading and shipping labels (eliminates time consuming, handwritten, documents)

Customer Service tools (automatically emails Shipment Notifications to your customers)

Speed up your shipping process to mere seconds (the average time for carrier selection and shipment completion is just 29 seconds!)

Detailed Reporting (to assist your Sales & Support teams to grow your business)

Is completely FREE to use, there is no minimum charge and no monthly fees. You pay the amount you selected for the service you selected – there are no extra costs.

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