Controlling and managing your Inbound shipments is easy. Simply change the Shipment Type checkbox to Inbound, then enter & select a party from your Address Book just as you normally would for an Outbound shipment and enter your shipment details as normal, using follow the easy to follow prompts. The shipper will receive an email with all the pertinent information they need including shipping documents, Bills of Lading, labels/waybills. The supplier does not need to contact the carrier to schedule pick up … it’s automatically already been done for them. CSS SMARTT provides easy Inbound shipment management for you plus your suppliers will love how easy you made it for them to do business with you.

Watch this short video on managing Inbound Shipments in the CSS SMARTT Shipping Technology.



In the years since this video was created, we have made many updates to our CSS SMARTT Shipping platform and interface, but the foundation of the technology remains valuable. You may contact your account manager for assistance in this area.