Saved Rate Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of saving; after fetching carrier results simply save your quote by clicking the Save Quote button which will save this shipment query to the Saved Quotes tab. To complete or edit this shipment at a later date/time – just select it from the Saved Quotes list and process it as easily as you would any other regular shipment. Saved Quotes that are older than 30 days will be viewable for 120 days, at which time they will disappear, but you can update rates and carrier options by clicking the Update Carrier Results button so that you can complete a shipment that is older than 30 days.

Watch this video to see all the details on saving your rate quote in our CSS SMARTT Shipping Technology.


In the years since this video was created, we have made many updates to our CSS SMARTT Shipping platform and interface, but the foundation of the technology remains valuable. You may contact your account manager for assistance in this area.