We manage the storage and distribution of your inventory, allowing you to focus on increased market shares. We handle your warehousing and storage, order fulfilment, import/export logistics, inventory management and handling, security & chain of custody.

The Complete Advantage

Real-time Data Capture

Your supply chain is monitored at every single point in time – which means we can find ways to save you both time & money.

Order Fulfilment

We help you minimize inventory write-offs and overstock issues. This is done with the use of our state of the art technology.


We provide fully secure warehouse operations, with strict chain of custody process that is auditable for your peace of mind.

No need to worry about wasted space anymore.

You are only billed for space you use. This means less overhead for your business.

Here’s what we do for you.

Inventory Management

Complete Shipping Solutions provides secure inventory management including order entry, tracking, rotation, holds, and activity reporting through our Edmonton Warehouse Management System. Our approach to providing our clients with access to information is unmatched in the industry which enables our clients to make real time assessments and decisions to move inventory as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

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Import / Export Logistics

Complete Shipping Solutions will develop a solution to support the unique requirements of each customer to include importing or exporting your goods, staging or storing within our warehouse, reorganizing/repacking, and preparing the shipment for outbound delivery to your branches and end customers. We have the facilities and experts to handle your freight and your volume to ensure you are meeting the needs of your customers efficiently and cost effectively.

Inventory Handling

Complete Shipping Solutions controls the movement and storage of goods in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible allowing our clients to seamlessly extend their footprint and distribution methods. Our primary goal is incorporating real time data capture and automation to optimize the supply chain and increase our client’s profitability. We have the flexibility to handle all types of inventory and distribution requirements including traditional pallet-in/pallet-out material handling, case handling, piece handling and cross docking. We also provide sorting, labelling, and repacking services as a value add to our clients.

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Storage Solutions

CSS offers Bulk floor space, pallet racking, and pick and pack shelving storage depending on what your product needs are.  Products are typically stored in the most space efficient manner while maintaining the best picking efficiencies. Products stored with CSS are visible through our online web portal.

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Warehouse Locations and Security & Chain of Custody

Complete Shipping Solutions provides a fully secure warehouse operation from top to bottom including background checks of all employees, pallet jack/forklift/reach truck certifications, and a state of the art security system to ensure that your goods are protected at the highest level. All orders fulfilled in our warehouse are executed through a strict chain of custody process that is fully auditable which provides our clients the peace of mind that their goods are taken care of at each step by certified professionals, in a facility that’s designed to protect your investment.

Warehouse & Distribution Software Integration

CSS uses an advanced Warehouse Management Software system that can handle almost all product types and industry requirements. CSS utilizes a third party Integration company to link together a wide range of ecommerce, ERP, Shopping cart programs to connect in real time to manage orders and inventory between the various systems.

Amanda Schofield – Managing Director

Clean Conscience Canada

Utilizing SMARTT Shipping for all our incoming and outgoing freight options has been one of the best moves we made for our business. The rates are some of the best we’ve seen, the customer service is always nothing less than superb, and now with the launch of the (CSS) SMARTT Shipping Software, we can have instant quotes from multiple freight carriers with the click of a button, confirm and print the BOL all in less than 1 minute! The software is so easy to use, and incredibly convenient having all our suppliers and customers stored in the system on simple drop down menus with automated shipment notifications sent to their email. With the ability to have a quote and arrange a shipment in less than a minute, the (CSS} SMARTT Shipping Software has saved us an abundance of time and energy, allowing us to move more product and improve our bottom line. We recommend (CSS) SMARTT Shipping to all our business associates!

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