At Complete Shipping Solutions, we serve you every step of the way, handling all aspects of your inventory. We oversee the flow of your inventory starting from the manufacturer all the way to its arrival at its destination. Our team takes care of the handling, stocking, storing and shipping of your inventory. At Complete Shipping Solutions, our warehousing and fulfillment services handle pallet storage and offer case picking and cross docking services to suit our clients’ needs.

Pallet In/Pallet Out

Pallets offer an easy way to store, protect and transport inventory. Certain clients prefer to use a more traditional form of warehousing in pallet storage. Complete Shipping Solutions offers pallet in and pallet out services to handle all our clients’ needs. Our warehouse is equipped with pallet storage racks to handle large pallet loads safely and effectively. Additionally, Complete Shipping Solutions oversees pallet shipping and receiving while simultaneously providing our clients with the information they require to stay updated on their stock.

Case Picking

Case picking involves the process of picking specific quantities from a full case to be independently shipped to the consumer. Case picking provides the perfect solution to handling peak demand of seasonal products as well as tapering the exportation of your product to suit your business as it grows. Our case picking services are complemented by the incorporation of modern technology in our warehouses. For many logistics services, case picking has the potential to cause inaccuracies in inventory management and exposes flaws in inventory handling, but at Complete Shipping Solutions, our refined and efficient processes to case picking promises our clients will always receive the most up to date and accurate information on their inventory.

Cross Docking

In cross docking, the storage process is expedited from the handling of your inventory. At Complete Shipping Solutions, we receive the inventory from the supplier or manufacturer and directly distribute the products to their destination with minimal handling time. Cross docking effectively streamlines the process between point of origin to the destination of sale while cutting on inventory handling costs. Complete Shipping Solutions computerized approach to logistics along with our access to a variety of transportation options allows for cross docking to be done effectively , while minimizing the risk of inventory damage or loss.

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