What is Cross Docking?

Cross Docking usually happens when a carrier does not have a warehouse in the destination they are delivering to, so they need a warehouse to offload and hold the goods until it can be picked up or transferred to another truck. 

Cross Docking is also used in inventory handling when a loaded truck is not loaded properly and the weight needs to be adjusted on the trailer. We strip the trailer and reload it placing the weight correctly over the axles. This allows the truck driver to now pass over the scales properly and avoid a fine. 

CSS provides cross docking services as follows:

  • Cross Docking is billed out on an hourly charge with a 1 hour minimum for off loading and a minimum 1 hour reloading. All other time is billed in 15 minute increments 
  • Cross Docking services are billed up front and will need to be paid prior to reloading
  • CSS accepts all major credit cards as well as e-transfers for payment processing  
  • We have the dock level doors as well as ramp access and are able to offload outside to facilitate flat deck loads.  
  • Cross Docking covers 72 hours of storage services, items that remain on site longer than the 72 hours covered time frame will be billed by the day per item.  


CSS is conveniently located close to scales in the West end of Edmonton to help assist when loads need to be adjusted.

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