Located in the Edmonton, we handle the receiving, storing and shipping of your goods. Don’t settle for expensive and inefficient answers to your warehousing needs. Contact us today to get started!

Complete Shipping Solutions provides fully secure warehouse operations, with a strict chain of custody process which is auditable for your peace of mind. Our variety of storage options separates us as leaders in Edmonton warehouse storage providing:

  • short term and long-term storage solutions for all your warehousing needs.
  • month to month and annual contract options to efficiently handle your business’s specific needs.
  • optimally maintained  climate in our warehouse offering only ambient storage for the Edmonton region.
  • a variety of safety and security measures to deter any harm from your stored goods in our Edmonton warehouse.

Warehouse Storage Options and Services

Complete Shipping Solutions provides a variety of services and storage options for your inventory:

  • pallet racked storage,
  • bulk square footage,
  • secured yard storage, and
  • small piece bay shelving storage.

We have the flexibility to handle all types of inventory and distribution requirements including

  • traditional pallet-in/pallet-out material handling,
  • case handling,
  • piece handling,
  • cross-docking,
  • sorting, labelling, and repacking services as a value add to our clients.

Secure Inventory Management

Our secure inventory management includes

  • order entry,
  • tracking,
  • rotation,
  • holds, and
  • activity reporting through our Edmonton Warehouse Management System.

Complete Shipping Solutions controls the movement and storage of goods in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible allowing our clients to seamlessly extend their footprint and distribution methods. Our primary goal is incorporating real time data capture and automation to optimize the supply chain and increase our client’s profitability.

With Complete Shipping Solutions all your warehousing needs are handled optimally.

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