When inventory is ready to be shipped, there are a variety of options available to transport your product to its destination. A combination of physical factors such as size, volume and weight with independent requirements such as timescale play a factor in choosing what shipping service suits your needs best. Essentially the decision comes down to a shipping carrier or shipping courier service.

But what’s the difference and which one is best for you?

Shipping Carriers

Carriers handle large quantities of product through their LTL or FTL services. Carrier services are tailored to handle pallet and skid loads and are loaded via loading dock or with a pallet jack/forklift. While it can be extremely cost-efficient, delivery time is often greater.

Shipping Couriers

On the other hand, courier services specialize in delivering smaller shipments. Handling anywhere between 1 and 15 boxes, courier services usually offer door to door shipping services for your product. Although offering reliable and extremely fast delivery, courier services often require a larger budget and carry restrictive size limitations.

Which One’s Best for Your Business?

At Complete Shipping Solutions, our team locates the best approach to shipping your product. Regardless of the service your business requires, whether it be International, domestic or direct to door shipping, Complete Shipping Solutions is able to provide the logistics solution to your shipping needs. Our team will gather the best full truckload, less than truckload or courier services available and subsequently present you with the best choice.

Our great rates, incredible customer service and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the no-brainer choice for easy, fast and affordable shipping nationwide. For years, Complete Shipping Solutions has been working closely with small to mid-sized businesses to handle their courier and carrier needs so they can focus on continuing to grow their business. (See what our customers have to say!)

Contact Complete Shipping Solutions to and give us the opportunity to handle your shipping and logistics needs!

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